We have an average yearly membeship of a little over 400 members, with a core "Active Membership" of 20 or so members. The club's efforts include...

                   - Trail creation and maintenance.

                   - Landowner relations.

                   - A variety of social events and fundraisers

About Us

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Snowmobile Club

Williamson Driftriders

Vital Statistics about the Williamson Driftriders...

We are well known for our annual fall Vintage sled show and BBQ. Sled owners from all over New York come to compete and show off their "old iron"...

​The first step towards the addition was completed in the summer of 2018 with the construction of our new kitchen!

The club owns a groomer barn on three acres of land located on the trail at the corner of Centenary and Lake Roads in Sodus, NY

Plans for an addition to house a clubhouse are underway. Soon we will have a full service meeting and party room to host our Events.

...and we make the best BBQ chicken in Western New York!


    - Founded in 1974, one of the oldest in the state.

    - 439 Members in 2017 - 2018 season

​    - 63 miles of trail

    - 3 Groomers

    - 503c not for profit organization

​    - Meetings held 2nd Tuesday of the month

    - Election of officers at the April meeting.

The Williamson Driftriders is a not for profit organization that exists to promote the sport of snowmobiling in the towns of Williamson/Sodus in Wayne county.  Funding from Membership dues, fundraising events and a grant from New York State ensures the club can execute its mission of safe, rideable trails in Wayne County.